Month: March 2022

Peter’s Journey

As I limp through this stretching road. My feet start to become sore, making me feel miserable. I have been shivering for a while now, I need warmth, I need comfort.


For today’s blog, I wrote a short piece in 15 minutes. We started out doing freeze frames, describing how we felt if we ever were in a war; using it as a vocabulary for our writing.

The Rapsey’s Adventure

In 2019, The Rapsey family accomplished a record by walking Te Araroa, The longest walk. They’d walk 30 km each day and every night, they’d camp in a tent, a tramping hut and or houses. The family started from Cape Reinga walking all the way to Bluff. They passed through areas with sand that would stretch forever, crossing mountains and large boulders that are spread all over the land. Once they were in the South Island, the land was different from the North Island; the grass is golden brown instead of green and the forest is tall beech. There are fewer towns and people. Once they arrived in Bluff, the two kids were proud, since they were the first two kids to finish Te Araroa.

Treasure Box

As I flee from my burning home, I grasp my guitar trying to get the fire off it. Its shiny, reflective terracotta and looks beautiful in the sun, making me yearn to play right now. I’ve always promised myself that if I had started something I’d have to finish it. I’d had just started learning the guitar and I’d hate to put an end to something that I’ve just started. I hesitate getting the fire off, having no choice to leave it burning. I close my eyes, running nowhere. I finally open my eyes, finding myself in the hands of a soldier. I glance at my guitar, seeing the shiny terracotta, still burning to a dark brown.