Such a gloomy, uncanny sight I see. It didn’t bother. I venture through this alleyway, seeing these posters with children smeared with dirt and blood? I notice this chalk board with all these names, so I decide to write mine as well. Once I write my name, I hear a faint creak coming from the store behind me. Out of curiosity, I turn to see an identical doll version of me. It got me pretty spooked. I head to the store’s door, trying to break. It doesn’t make the slightest movement. Irritated, I pick up a handful of snow and throw it to the door. It finally budges. 


I find myself in a room full of dolls that sort’ve creeped me out. I see my identical on top of a high old-fashioned stool. Slowly rushing up to it, being so excited, I trip on an old wooden doll on a bike. It creates an irritating ongoing squeak. I put it up on its wheels and rushes to the door. Bang! Bang! Bang! I look up to see that my identical doll isn’t on the high stool but on a shelf. Quite odd. I force and climb my way through the obstacles in my way, I can finally touch the doll. 


Reaching for the doll, I finally touch its nose. Flash… flicker, dolls. Just the most odd! It’s like my life flashed before my eyes. I scan around the room to see what has just happened “Click click”. I can’t move, my body is just frozen, just as I am scared stiff. I finally realise that I have become one of them. Such vague sight but thy lacked wisdom.

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