Socrates –


Socrates was a Greek philosopher who was from Athens. He was recognized as the founder of Western philosophy. Born in Alopece, Athens 470 BC, where there were a lot of philosophers. He wasn’t interested in mathematics or science but was concerned for the quality of the human soul. He studied about how we should live. Socrates was accused for corrupting the youth of Athens. He died on 399 BC due to forced suicide by drinking poison.


Quotes from Socrates:

“As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.” – a motto of humility telling us that any knowledge he had was completely negligible, other than how much is left still to be discovered. 


“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” – a motto of wisdom

This quote by Socrates simply talks about how our curiosity of our knowledge makes us seek for the truth that we already know or don’t know.



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